Style is about mak­ing choices.

Image is how you present them. A wed­ding with­out acces­sories is like leav­ing the icing off the cake. The detailed accents for you, your atten­dants, and for the wed­ding itself should be given care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion. The selec­tions you make will reflect your style and make your wed­dings uniquely your own.

A L’Amour ‘s acces­sories are hand selected with you in mind. Great care is taken in find­ing excep­tional detail­ing and unpar­al­leled qual­ity. Much time and effort is spent in find­ing diverse and dis­tinc­tive pieces. From the sparkling tiara and cas­cad­ing veil in your hair to the silk slip­pers on your feet and all the other adorn­ments you choose for your day, you will be express­ing your image.